Gears solutions business centralises team and rebrands

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Global industrial gear manufacturer IG Watteeuw is changing its name to IGW. The company, which manufacturers tailored gears for the oil and gas sector, has embarked on the rebranding following some  changes to the company’s operating structure. They have been introduced to support 'the company’s plan for sustainable growth triggered by a growing interest from new and emerging markets and opportunities to build on its international reach'. Changes include the introduction of a centralised sales and marketing team, which will bring together its gear and gearbox services for the first time. Its locations will also be brought under centralised control, led by chief executive Holger Stehling. IGW operates in three key markets, transport, energy and manufacturing industries with sites in Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, China and the USA as well as headquarters in Belgium. The company has been manufacturing premium customised gears and gearboxes for over 60 years and also provides a range of specialist support services to its customers across the globe. The rebranding will make it possible for even more clients to benefit from our premium products and services. The business supplies specialist transmission solutions in a wide variety of sectors; these include the company’s core applications of rail, transport and marine, as well as a number of new markets including oil and gas, power generation and waste water treatment plants.  

Mr Stehling said: “This is an exciting time for IGW, with our manufacturing competences and capacities exceeding market expectations. We now have the opportunity to offer our extensive range of products and services to an even wider audience, entering new markets and achieving a greater geographical reach than ever before. As such we took the decision to take a fresh look at how we present ourselves to the outside world.''

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