Griswold Pump Company exhibiting at IAAPA Expo 2010

The main focus of Griswold’s efforts at Attractions Expo 2010 will be educating the attendees on the features and benefits of the company’s E,F&G Series of centrifugal pumps as they relate to water-pumping applications in the amusement and attractions industry. The E,F&G lines are designed to be versatile for these types of applications as they have capacities to 3,000 gpm (11,356 lpm) and heads to 310 feet (95 meters), with a broad range of sizes and configuration options.

Griswold’s E,F&G pumps are equipped with a choice of a close-coupled NEMA electric motor or frame-mounted with couplings to electric motors, engines, steam turbines or belt-driven motors. The E,F&G’s 360º mounting capabilities extend its installation options, while its closed-coupled configurations can also be mounted vertically when space is at a minimum. The back pull-out design permits removal of the entire pump assembly for easy maintenance without having to disturb the piping connections. All E,F&G models are flanged in accordance with ANSI B 16.1 for 125 psi applications.

Also on display will be examples of Griswold’s 811 Series ANSI centrifugal pumps, which can be used in aquarium attractions. Features of the 811 ANSI Series pumps include an open-impeller design that minimizes concentrated wear; self-tightening impellers that reduce leaks and failures; the ability to externally adjust the clearance so that peak efficiency is ensured even after wear-area loss; and back pump-out vanes that reduce pressure on the shaft seal and bearings.

IAAPA’s Attractions Expo 2010 will be held from 16-19 November at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Griswold Pumps will be at booth 1744.