Grundfos extends hydraulic range to 42 HP for SL & SE

The SE and SL range of wastewater pumps..

Designed to handle raw, unscreened sewage, effluent and large volumes of surface and process water, the extended selection ensures the highest pump efficiencies and the largest free passage of solids at the lowest vibrations. The extended range has a simple but hydraulically efficient S-tube impeller, which enables free passage of solids up to five inches and works well for large flows of raw sewage. Self-adaptive controls allow the pump to adjust to changing operating conditions, while high-efficiency motors meet or exceed global standards. These design elements give the SL and SE range trouble-free operation, high non-clogging capabilities and the lowest life cycle cost.

The SL range is designed for submerged use, while the SE range accommodates both submerged and dry installations. Applications include raw water intake, commercial, municipal and industrial wastewater, process water and storm water runoff.

The SE and SL range of wastewater pumps.