Grundfos SE and SL range

The SE and SL wastewater pumps are designed for the transfer of drainage and surface water, domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater, and process water. They can be permanently installed using an auto-coupling guide-rail system or with a fixed pipe connection, and are also for freestanding installation or as portable utility pumps

These heavy duty wastewater pumps, are claimed by Grundfos to offer the best total, wire-to-water efficiency yet seen with IE3 motor efficiency and new hydraulics, including the S-tube impeller, with hydraulic efficiency and non-clogging capabilities, without compromising free passage.

The SE and SL ranges of submersible and dry-installed wastewater pumps are available up to 30 kW. The SL range is for submerged installation, and the SE range is for all installation types, including continuous operation dry-installed. Stainless steel versions are also available.