New range of SL submersible wastewater pumps from Grundfos

The SL range from Grundfos offers two types of impeller; the SLV/SuperVortex impeller and and SL1/Channel Impeller. The SuperVortex impeller provides the free passage of solids up to 4 inches (100 millimetre) in diameter, making it ideal for liquids with a content of solids, fibres or gassy sludge. The Channel impeller also accommodates solids up to 4 inches, but is particularly designed for large flows of raw sewage.

Features of the pumps include an Effl-type motor which boosts efficiency while prolonging pump life. A moisture-proof plug prevents moisture from entering the motor via the cable core. A short rotor shaft reduces vibrations, which protects the shaft seals and bearings, and a double mechanical shaft seal cuts maintenance time.

Applications for the Grundfos range of SL submersible wastewater pumps include network pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, public buildings, housing projects and industry. The SL pumps can handle municipal or industrial wastewater, wastewater with fibres, drainage and groundwater process and cooling water.