HMD Kontro adds to CSI line of chemical service pumps

Sundyne’s HMD Kontro has expanded its Chemical Service ISO (CSI) pump family, with the introduction of new hydraulics that extend flow coverage, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The CSI-ISO pump.
The CSI-ISO pump.

The two new hydraulics facilitate higher duties in each size, whilst keeping the pump footprint and overall cost to a minimum. Model 50-32-160E extends BEP flow rate by approximately 77% over its predecessor, while the new model 80-65-160E extends BEP flow rate by 38%.

“The combination of performance, reliability and safety gives the CSI line a unique value proposition when it comes to protecting people and the environment from aggressive and corrosive liquids that are used in chemical processing applications,” said Hannah Verrall, HMD Kontro Product Line Manager.

The two new additions bring the total number of CSI Frame 1 models to eight. Five additional CSI Frame 1 models are scheduled to be released later this year, in parallel with a higher capacity CSI-ISO and CSA-ASME Frame 2 range.

Meeting ISO dimensional and construction standards 2858 and 15783, CSI sealless pumps are specifically designed to safely handle fluids found in chemical markets such as chlor-alkali, agricultural chemicals, fine inorganic chemicals, isocyanates, plastics and polymers.

The modular design of the CSI range allows for maximum part interchangeability and reduces the number of pumps needed when upgrading existing installations.

Extended HMD flow rates. -