Hydra-Cell multiple diaphragm pumps

Wanner International has introduced a range of Hydra-Cell multiple diaphragm pumps that it has developed to meet the specific needs of polyurethane production.

Isocyanates, when exposed to air, tend to form crystals that generate premature wear in pumps with dynamic seals while Polyols, especially those containing abrasive fillers, are equally as destructive to seals and bearings. The Hydra-Cell multi-diaphragm pump has no dynamic seals and consequently handles abrasive particles with ease, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Wanner International claim that using new PTFE diaphragms, chemical compatibility and service life are no longer concerns. The company reports that Hydra-Cell pumps with these new diaphragms have been tested extensively and shown to be able to operate reliably at full flow under flooded suction conditions.

These Hydra-Cell multi-diaphragm pumps meet the performance standards of API 675 and are ideal for dosing and injection duties. Further, being completely contained, without dynamic seals, they provide no leak paths for potentially harmful chemicals and their multi diaphragm design ensures low shear, low pulsation delivery.