Hydra- Cell sealless range suitable for pumping glue

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Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps.
Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps.

In one application, pumps were required to deliver resinous glue into a mixing chamber, where it is sprayed onto wood fibres inthe early stages of the manufacture of timber-based material.

The seal-less design of Hydra-Cell pumps means no dynamic seals to leak, wear, or replace and their spring-loaded, horizontal disk check valves enable the pump to process liquids containing particulates up to 500 or greater microns in diameter.

The range of Hydra-Cell pumps covers flow rates from 0.4 lit/min up to 128 lit/min and pressures up to 172 bar. They can handle dirty liquids and liquids with particulates and because they are seal-less by design, leak-free, self priming and can be run dry, they are also suitable for cleaning(CIP) applications as well as machine tool cooling, reverse osmosis and separation, spray drying and abrasives, paper mill applications and oil production and refining.