IFAT 2014 - Grundfos' optimised water solutions

At IFAT, in Munich, Germany, from 5 to 9 May 2014 in Hall A6, 229/328 Grundfos is continuing to develop the Well Field Energy Audit (WFEA), and will tell how recent pilot programs in Germany have shown the substantial energy savings potential that WFEA makes possible.

WFEA is a tool for optimising operation and energy consumption for groundwater intake, with a documented savings potential from reduced energy consumption. Experience has shown that up to 50% of all the savings in energy consumption that can be made in a municipal water supply are at the well field.

For drinking water distribution, Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution packages pumps, intelligent components and system surveillance to build unique pressure management solutions that minimise water losses, reduce energy consumption and minimise operational costs for leaks and pipe maintenance.

The new Demand Driven Distribution controller connected to network pressure sensors via the wireless network allows control of the pumps in accordance with data logged on a daily basis using an adaptive control algorithm. The measured data are then used for adaptive control of the pumping station, keeping the pressure in the network at the desired value and maintaining proper operation.

Optimised solutions for flood control and wastewater

Grundfos has developed new ways of managing and protecting against flood events, for example integrated management systems for stormwater retention tanks and floodgates, where pumps are integrated into the flood gate.

Optimised KPL axial-flow and KWM mixed-flow pumps for flood control applications offer best-in-class hydraulic efficiency of up to 85%, lightweight design and strong non-clogging capabilities. Used in these pumps is the Turbulence Optimiser (patent pending), a solution for reducing turbulence in the gap between the pump volute and the column pipe that increases efficiency by 2%.

In addition, Grundfos will unveil a new AFG Flowmaker with adjustable blades for biogas applications, providing an optimal solution for repowering as well as new biogas plants. The propeller blades can be adjusted based on the thrust required, depending on the size and shape of the tank as well as substrate mix.

The blades are fully cast in Polyurethane with a cast iron inlet and the revolution speed is only 90 rpm. This results in very reliable operation and almost no wear, and a much higher efficiency than a solution with a standard mixer.