Grundfos introductions at WEFTEC

Grundfos showed a number of new water utility and dosing products, including its packaged lift stationKPL axial-flow pumps and configurable dosing tank station, at the Water Environment Federation’s annual technical exhibition and conference (WEFTEC) in Chicago earlier this month.

Grundfos’ Packaged Lift Station is aimed for applications ranging from drainage and effluent pumping to heavy-duty sewage pumping. Although other packaged lift stations require a concrete base to prevent floating, Grundfos’  polyethylene design withstands uplift caused by high groundwater levels. A patented grinder system ensures extremely high efficiency and reliable operation, and all built-in components come in corrosion-resistant materials.

In addition, auto couplings are pre-installed, making it easy to mount up to two wastewater pumps. The station is built for Grundfos SEG grinder pumps and SL solids-handling wastewater pumps. These pumps are ideal for use in sparsely populated areas where gravity sewage systems are not available. The station also features Grundfos level switches and a level controller, which work together to provide pump control and protection.

With hydraulic efficiency of up to 85%, Grundfos’ durable range of KPL submersible axial-flow propeller pumps are designed for flood control and other heavy-duty pumping applications. The pump’s compact, high-efficiency design makes it possible to reduce the physical size of the pumping station by up to 20%, thereby saving significant construction costs. The range also features a self-cleaning hydraulic design that provides superior non-clogging performance.

The line’s Turbulence Optimizer, an expandable rubber ring mounted on the perimeter of the pump volute, increases efficiency by up to two percentage points by adapting to the pipe as water flow and pressure increases. Because of this feature, column misalignment and production tolerances no longer affect pump efficiency.

Designed for high flow of up to 150,000 gallons per minute at a low head of 30 ft, Grundfos KPL pumps are focussed for a wide range of applications, including flood and stormwater control, large-volume drainage and irrigation, raw water intake, liquid transfer in large-scale municipal sewage treatment plants, water circulation, water level control in coastal and low-lying areas, and the filling and emptying of dry docks, harbor installations and reservoirs.

Equipped with a polyethylene tank and chemically resistant accessories, Grundfos’ configurable dosing tank station (DTS) is designed for storing and precisely dosing a wide variety of liquid chemicals such as biocides, inhibitors, alkalis, acids, coagulants, hypochlorites, disinfectants and neutralizing agents. Made with high-quality materials, the easy-to-install DTS features a wide range of chemical compatibility and fits a number of application fields and dosing tasks.

“Grundfos is committed to delivering innovative products that ensure the efficient management of water for the utility and industrial markets.” said Duncan Cooper, president and CEO of Grundfos North America. “The products we’ve introduced into the market at WEFTEC are a natural extension of our current portfolio and offer the most efficient and technologically advanced products on the market.”