IFAT 2014 - Nov Mono

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In Hall 6 at stand 216, Chemineer industry specialists will be on hand to explain the benefits of such products as the compact Kenics UltraTab static mixer, which delivers a high degree of mixing in turbulent flow applications.

Designed to provide complete blending within short downstream distances, the UltraTab also creates a low pressure drop through the mixing element to boost the overall energy efficiency of the process. Its integral wall injector upstream of the mixing element forces flow stream additives through the high energy dissipation region to ensure reliable mixing efficiency.

Alongside this will be the Chemineer model 20 HT/GT mixer, fitted with an RL-3 Ragless impeller to create the ideal wastewater plant mixer. The model 20’s high-efficiency gearbox and the RL-3’s unique design (which prevents fibrous material build-up) combine to minimize downtime and maintenance costs, increase performance and extend service life.

The modular design of the model 20 HT/GT mixers helps reduce customer spares inventories, while their variable speed capability improves process control. The RL-3 impeller can be easily retrofitted into existing applications and provides safe and reliable operation. Together they are ideal for wastewater applications where blending operations involve suspended solids and fibrous material, and they help eliminate the performance deterioration and increase energy usage and gearbox damage which can otherwise happen. 


Mono’s EZstrip transfer pump is also on display. It can be 'Maintained-in-Place' using only spanners and a hex key or it can be disassembled, de-ragged and maintained without disconnecting suction or discharge pipework. This reduces a typical day-long maintenance to just a 30-minute job to cut maintenance costs. Visitors to the Mono stand will have the opportunity to win an iPad by disassembling the pump against the clock!

Protective equipment

A working EZstrip CT201 Muncher, a recent addition to the EZstrip product family, will allow visitors to see the macerating capabilities of the Muncher product. The CT201 Muncher features various cutter stack size options which help create the optimum particle size for each process requirement to protect downstream equipment from blockages.

A quick-release inspection cover allows the cutters to be replaced with the unit in-situ, therefore reducing maintenance time and costs. The unit’s high torque performance cuts operating power requirements, while the low cutter tip speeds significantly reduce wear rates and noise vibration.

Recognising the need to maximise plant uptime, Mono is also promoting its universal parts. Engineered and manufactured by Mono, these parts can be fitted to many other brands of progressing cavity (PC) pumps.