Mono exhibits PC pumps at biogas event

The EZstrip range includes its transfer pump, cake pump and TR muncher, which help maintain PC pumps. “The processing industry faces an ongoing challenge to reduce costs, improve efficiency and control maintenance downtime, so to ensure plants continually improve their processes and control costs, engineers must be fully up to speed with the latest product developments so they can consider all the options open to them,” said Mark Viner, european sales manager at NOV Mono. UK AD & Biogas 2011 is, according to Viner, the only trade show in the UK solely devoted to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry. It takes place from 6-7 July 2011 in Birmingham, UK. NOV Mono’s  EZstrip transfer pump which has been specifically developed to provide a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a PC pump in-situ in just two and a half minutes, while the cake pump can be completely stripped down and re-built in just 15 minutes, without the need to disconnect or remove any pipe work. Typical applications for the sludge pump include thickened sludge cake (up to 40 per cent dry solids content), de-watered sludge, lime powder coating, sludge blending and barrier layer injection. The EZstrip TR Muncher is an alternative to solids grinding and sludge conditioning.