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Jung's Hughspin Hopper with double-acting mechanical seal.
Jung's Hughspin Hopper with double-acting mechanical seal.

Jung Process Systems has developed a special transport solution for a producer of inorganic adhesives on basis of polymer using a Hughspin Hopper with double-acting mechanical seal. This and further applications can be discussed in detail with the experts of Jung during Achema 2015 exhibition in Frankfurt/Main.

Transport of adhesives is viscous and sticky. The characteristics needed for the final product require tremendous challenges for the production technology. The product of the customer of Jung Process Systems has a viscosity of approx.100.000 mPas.


Besides the high viscosity, also the heavy friction losses in the piping at the suction side and a resulting very low NPSHa value demand sophisticated requirements regarding the pump to be used. Consequently the inflow of the product into the feed screw chamber is problematic.

However, contrary to the standard version this pump inlet is executed as a flange because the adhesive is processed in a closed circuit. A further feature represents the execution of the pump with a double-acting mechanical seal with pressurized buffer system instead of a lip sealing.

Due to admission of the mechanical seal with a barrier liquid any kind of product outlet to the environment will be avoided just as the feed medium entry between the surfaces. This solution facilitates that the high-viscous feed medium falls into the feed chamber and can be transported pulsation-free and continuously without any problems.

3-in-1-principle convinces

Product feeding, conveying and cleaning by means of the innovative construction of the Hyghspin Hopper twin screw pumps developed by Jung Process Systems. The feeding medium supply is effected in the extruder area underneath the feed hopper, the pressure increase is made in the proper pump area by means of the feed screws which are individually laid out for every particular application. This construction principle also convinced the producer of the adhesives. This manufacturer decided for a Hyghspin Hopper of design size 90. This pump accomplishes a differential pressure of 15 bar, the feeding quantity varies between 1 and 10 m3/h.

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