Jung twin screw pump handles high pressures

The HYGHSPIN 90DF is suitable for the food and beverage industry where there can be a trend towards the use of pumps that are able to reliably manage higher pressure differentials. This trend is due not only to the higher friction losses caused by longer pipelines and increasing flow rates in the production plants but also to the pumping of generally higher-viscosity media that enable savings in terms of energy to heat the media. A further reason is the change in general consumer behaviour that has led to the increased use of heat exchangers in the production of foodstuffs in order to adapt product characteristics specifically to consumer requirements. In heat exchangers the flow rates are limited by the pressure loss. Larger flow rates therefore require higher pressure differentials. There is a comparable situation in the use of filtration units. Jung’s HYGHSPIN 90DF is an externally mounted, hygienic design twin-screw pump which is fitted with double-acting mechanical seals. It can run dry and works with low pulsation. The double-suction 90DF model has two product inlets and one outlet and achieves discharge pressures of up to 50 bar.