KSB hygienic pumps at Nuremburg

From 13 to 15 November, KSB will showcase its range of pumps and valves for hygienic food transport at the BRAU Beviale exhibition 2012 in Nuremberg. The focal point of KSB’s presentation will be the five hygienic pump series Vitachrom, Vitacast, Vitastage, Vitalobe and Vitaprime. KSB says that due to their almost complete lack of dead volumes, the pumps are easy to clean and meet every requirement in respect of absolutely sterile processes.

The pumps’ cleaning and steaming in place (CIP/SIP) capabilities are also promoted by electropolished wetted components made of high-grade stainless steel. Whether for handling mash and wort or products in the hygienic production area of breweries, KSB claims that the wide range of variants makes these pumps suitable for almost all tasks related to the transport of liquid or viscous food. All pumps belonging to the Vita series have been awarded the certificates common to the industry, and their elastomer components conform to FDA standards.

At this year’s BRAU Beviale in Nuremburg KSB will exhibit a new generation of multi-functional valve control units and positioners for pneumatic quarter-turn and linear actuators. Thanks to their modular design, the units are suited for use in the beer and beverage industry. The new AMTRONIC and SMARTRONIC incorporate functions ranging from simple open/close control of a pneumatic valve with open/closed position signalling to control tasks which are completed independently of a higher-level control station. Operators have an all-in package consisting of valve, actuator and intelligent control unit or positioner, supplied fully parameterised and tested.

As well as the various pump series, KSB will exhibit several models from its range of valves. The SISTO-C diaphragm valves on display alongside shut-off butterfly valves and gate valves are ideal for hygienic and sterile applications in the food and beverage industry. Their components are made of high-alloy, austenitic materials. The bodies have no dead volumes and can be cleaned without leaving any residues. By using multi-port valves, it is possible to install very complex systems without dead end pipe runs.