Landia aeration system at major UK airport

The facility, which was designed and built by H+E, is intended for the storage and treatment of surface run-off water, which can contain de-icing fluid, glycol, jet fuel, oil, dirt and grit. Dry-mounted Landia chopper pumps and Landia’s JetMix system are in operation on two new effluent storage tanks. The 5.5 m high, 12 m diameter tanks each contain an 18.5 kW, 1500 rpm Landia chopper pump.

Contaminants are removed before water is discharged into the local sewer network, as required by both Thames Water and the Environment Agency.

The new effluent storage and treatment facility has been built to allow glycol to be recovered from the water in the future if demand and technology development permits.  It could then be purified and re-used, significantly reducing operating costs at the airport.