Measuring system upgrade from Bürkert

Bürkert’s modular multi channel multiCELL transmitter/controller 8619 is an individually adjustable measuring system with extended functionalities that can be used with a wide range of different types of sensors. Bürkert is now expanding it with a new signal input board that can be used for direct connection of up to two additional flow sensors via the digital inputs and two additional measurement devices of various types via the analogue inputs.

Bürkert says that its multiCELL transmitter/controller type 8619 offers a complete, flexible system for various connections of different sensor types including functionality for e.g. dosing and control functionality. The company claims that the device is ideal for many applications in areas such as water treatment or the production of foods and pharmaceuticals.

The system consists of an extensive featured basic unit whose functions can be individually enhanced as needed by adding hardware boards and software modules. A new signal input board improves the system by further increasing the number of possible applications, since it is now possible to connect almost any sensor available on the market to the 8619.