Multi-pump soft starter from Ralspeed

Ralspeed’s multi-pump soft starter contains a wide-range overload protection relay which can be instantly set to match the size of the pump in use with a single rotary switch calibrated in kilowatts – no other adjustments or settings are needed. The overload relay also provides earth leakage protection and has provision for the connection of a thermistor to directly monitor motor temperature.

The multi-pump starters are freestanding units housed in robust corrosion-resistant zintex sheet-steel enclosures. With an integral rain canopy and an IP54 ingress protection rating, they are equally suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. To ensure ease of use, the units incorporate a digital display that shows the kilowatt rating selected, the instantaneous running current and the operational status of the soft starter. In addition, the display stores historical information relating to the last eight trip conditions, which can be recalled at the touch of a button, enabling pump problems to be diagnosed quickly and easily.

For maximum convenience and flexibility, the multi-pump soft starters are equipped, as standard, with a load-break isolator, a hand/auto selector switch, a door-mounted emergency stop pushbutton and an analogue output proportional to motor current. Provision is also made for the connection of level controllers – a 24 V DC supply is provided for powering ultrasonic units together with a 12 V DC supply for use with float switches. Ralspeed multi-pump soft starter feature compact construction, measuring just 925 x 400 x 400 mm including mounting frame. They weigh only 30 kg and are fitted with a lifting hook, making them easy to transport and handle.