NEMA motors are now available for immediate European delivery

The ABB range of NEMA severe duty motors that are now among the motors available in stock at the Menden facility in Germany.
The ABB range of NEMA severe duty motors that are now among the motors available in stock at the Menden facility in Germany.

NEMA standard motors, from fractional to 250 horsepower (HP), are now available from ABB for immediate delivery across Europe. The companyt said this week this would be an improvement for customers In Europe who had previously faced 'long lead-times' after ordering them from the United States.

Using ABB’s central stock warehouse in Menden, Germany, the motors available include NEMA general purpose, ECP XEX severe duty, IEEE841 totally enclosed severe duty and speciality motors.

NEMA general purpose TEFC motors are basic protection motors used on pump and fan applications and have a protection similar to the European IP44 rating.  The NEMA ECP XEX severe duty TEFC motors are suited to tougher industrial operating environments and are protected similar to IP54. The IEEE841 specification totally enclosed severe duty motors are protected similar to IP56. 

Among the motors stocked in Menden are 2-pole and 4-pole variants, with various mounting styles available including foot mounted, C-face mounted and C-face footless options.  The specialty motors include a selection of Baldor Permanent Magnet DC motors.

“Traditionally, customers wanting to use NEMA motors had no choice but to order them directly from the US, which of course meant long lead-times,'' said Ian Allan, ABB UK, local business manager for Motors and Generators.

“However, thanks to this range of stock now in place in Germany, this is no longer the case.  Customers can order NEMA motors for immediate delivery throughout Europe, reducing the lead-time on these products to days rather than weeks. This makes ABB the only supplier able to offer such a broad range of NEMA motors to the market in the EU with immediate stock availability.”

The Menden logistics centre in Germany is fully equipped to deal with all aspects of product export, and thanks to the secure storage facility, has access to fast-track air freight dispatch. 

“No matter where in the EU a NEMA motor is required, what level of customs clearance or certification is needed, they can be shipped immediately to reach customers in an appropriate time frame to suit their schedules,” added Mr Allan.

ABB plan to add a CSA/UL certified “Mod Express” line into the Menden facility in order to make modifications to these stock motors such as D flanges (B5), space heaters, thermistors and other adjustments. The line is due to be operational in early 2014.