New ADEPT selection software from Armstrong

ADEPT  (Armstrong Design Envelope Project Tool).
ADEPT (Armstrong Design Envelope Project Tool).

At Energy and Environment Expo 2014 in London between 17-19 June, Armstrong Fluid Technology demonstrated its pump selection software programme ADEPT (Armstrong Design Envelope Project Tool) for the first time.

According to Armstrong, the software offers advanced features not available on other pump selection programmes. Some of the key features include:

  • ‘Quick Pick’ – users can add a product to their schedule with just a few clicks.
  • Composite Curve Selection - patent-pending process of selecting a pump based on its operating range.
  • Smart Memory – Adept remembers input and preferences so the user has no need to duplicate effort.
  • No password or username is required.

The tool allows users to select equipment, organise schedules, source submittals and specifications. The screen designs allow users to view line drawings, multi-curves, photos, voltage, motor size, inlets, outlets, accessories, seal types and operating limits, construction approaches and more than a dozen motor options. ADEPT then lists the pumps that meet users’ specific criteria, as well as the key characteristics of each selection – such as ‘efficiency at average load’, ‘operating costs’ and ‘motor size’.