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Spaix 6 pump selection software promotes sustainability

Spaix 6, the latest version of VSX - Vogel Software GmbH’s Spaix pump selection software, incorporates a variety of innovations that enable users to respond even better to changing market conditions, with a special focus on sustainability.

In addition to many new functions, Spaix 6 offers the familiar, reliable functionality of previous versions for centrifugal pump manufacturers and users looking to optimize their sales work and increase efficiency.

“With its integrated price calculation, quoting and project functions, the software is designed to be a central element of the entire sales process,” explains Jens-Uwe Vogel, managing director of VSX - Vogel Software GmbH. “In the latest version, special attention was paid to the topic of sustainability. Users are given the opportunity to evaluate and compare pumps also in terms of their energy balance thanks to the transparent display of key facts. But also with regard to pump selection and configuration, we have again implemented attractive and efficient innovations.”

VSX - Vogel Software has paid special attention to sustainability in Spaix 6. For example, the energy requirements and CO2 emissions per year are now displayed for each pump model. When searching by application, a new visualization has been integrated that shows the compensation of CO2 emissions by the number of trees required, depending on the pump used and the energy source.

Spaix considers the pump system as a whole, including all components. As a result, energy consumption, the CO2 balance as well as the operating and life cycle costs can be simulated when using a frequency converter, taking into account the efficiency of the converter itself. This gives the user of the software a powerful tool for selecting and configuring the best pump system from an economic and environmental point of view.


The new search by application addresses the needs of pump users and processors who want to select directly with their application-specific parameters. This means that users can start the pump selection via user-specific data, even if the duty point is not yet known. The values required to find a suitable pump are determined from the application data known to the user.

Established search options such as hydraulic selection by duty point, product selection browser via series description, search by the product name or item number, and pump exchange to replace an existing pump are of course available to the user in the familiar scope.

Unique to Spaix are the combined PumpSelector and PumpConfigurator. This means that users always have a complete overview of the various options of all pumps matching the operating data and reach their goal faster with fewer steps. The influence of the selected components on the pump performance curves is visualized immediately, without having to switch between different pages.

As before, the program provides extensive calculation routines for working with performance curves. New is the optional restriction of the selection to a preferred operating range (POR), which allows the user to obtain even more specific results. In addition, the preferred (POR) and allowable (AOR) application range can be displayed as a duty chart area. Especially for pumps in process technology or for applications where selection according to API or Hydraulic Institute is required, this further development simplifies pump selection.

Another new feature is the display of the results list with thumbnail previews of pump curves and application areas, which makes the overall work with the program faster and more efficient.

Spaix 6 still offers extensive possibilities for modifying pump performance curves. Especially noteworthy is the curve correction function with rotation option, which is newly available in the program.

The basic functionality of the software can be extended with a wide range of additional modules to enable qualified selection and configuration of special pump designs, such as magnetic drive pumps, turbine pumps or side channel pumps. In addition, there are powerful modules for spare parts selection and pump exchange.

The popular add-on module Spaix PipeCalc has been completely revised and extended. The newly structured user interface supports the user even better in entering their installation data. With the quick search in the pipe element database as well as the possibility to create custom pipe elements, the system is the perfect tool for friction loss calculation of the pump.

Spaix 6 Web is offered as a service-based subscription model (Spaix as a Service - SaaS), which also allows the use for a specified period of time. The customer receives a complete package of software and service, including all licenses, software maintenance and support as well as the hosting of the software solution. The advantages for the customer are, on the one hand, that the investment costs for the acquisition of the licenses are eliminated and, on the other hand, that a flexible and scalable solution is offered. Provision in the cloud relieves the burden on the customer's own IT department, increases security and availability, and significantly improves efficiency for maintenance and updates.

With the help of special interfaces, the software solution can be easily integrated into an existing IT environment. This means that the application can be embedded in an existing environment to link information from Spaix with customer and sales-specific data.

Spaix 6 is available to Spaix customers as an upgrade.