New electric IE4 motor from Volt

Volt Electric Motors has developed two series of high-efficiency electric IE4 motors: one line of so-called synchronous reluctance motors and one line of permanent magnet motors.

IE4 synchronous reluctance motor The IE4 synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) has at least 15 percent less power dissipation than that prescribed by EC 640 for efficiency class IE3 from 2015 or 2017. The motors enable extremely efficient installations while their low running temperatures result in high reliability and low maintenance costs.

IE4 permanent magnet motors The power dissipation of the permanent magnet motors is even less than those of the synchronous reluctance motor. This means that both motors reach future efficiency level IE4 as per IEC/CD 60034-30.

The permanent magnet motor of Volt Electric Motors is exclusively operated with frequency converters and has higher performance levels than asynchronous motors of the same size making it fit for use on -for example- conveyor belts and other applications where several drives have to run synchronously.