Nov Mono’s Muncher opens wider

NOV Mono, a designer and manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps, Munchers and associated equipment, is expanding its range of maintain-in-place pumps. The largest EZstripTM transfer pump now has a 225 m3/h capacity, making them suitable for a wider range of wastewater applications.

The EZstrip transfer pumps were designed to incorporate all the best aspects of NOV Mono’s Compact C Range pumps. The EZstrip technology, on which they are based, are designed to be easily disassemble, de-ragged and maintained in-situ. This can reduce the time needed to replace a rotor, stator, coupling rod and drive train by up to 95%, cutting the typical day-long maintenance operation down to just 30 minutes. Go to for a demonstration. The three new models added to the EZstrip range offer capacities of 94 m3/h, 140 m3/h and 225 m3/h. (The previous largest capacity pump in the range was able to handle 165 m3/h).

The EZstrip pumps can be installed in new plants or retrofitted into existing Compact C applications. Electrical disconnection is not required, while suction and discharge pipes remain untouched. No special tools or skills are required for normal de-ragging operations. All pumps provide dry run protection, during which operational parameters remain unaffected. Both cast iron and stainless steel versions are offered, plus an option to incorporate WRAS-compliant elastomers, a pre-assembled drive train and a two-year warranty.