Parker Hannifin half-inch H-series needle valve

The Parker H-series needle valve is available as a discrete hand valve for controlling media flow, or integrated into a monoflange-style manifold for the safe 'double-block-and-bleed' connection of instruments to process lines. 

The large flow path of the half-inch H-series needle valve makes it much less prone to blockages or related problems when dealing with viscous and contaminated media. The metal-to-metal seal on the half-inch H-series needle valve provides a bubble-tight shut-off mechanism and operation over a very wide temperature range of -55 to 538ºC in its standard stainless steel form. 

The H-series valve has a bore size of 1/2 inch/12.7 mm, with a Cv value of 2.6. In its standard form the H-series valve is fabricated from 316 stainless steel and is rated for operation at pressures up to 6,000 PSIG (414 barg).  

Applications for the Parker half-inch H-series needle valve include level measurement in refineries, chemical injection, gas lines that are prone to hydrate formation and process lines carrying dangerous gases. The monoflange variant in particular extends application potential, as these space-saving manifolds are often favoured in sensitive applications such as skids for oil and gas platforms.