Parker introduces air driven liquid pump

The AHL118 is a high volume, double-ended, double acting high pressure pump, designed for use in oil and gas, chemical, industrial and research applications.

The pump operates to a pressure range of 23,000 psi and at 5.6 gallons per minute (25.5 litres). It features a carbon-based prioritised coating to the plunger, which is three times harder than Stellite. This makes the plunger unscratchable, extending the lifespan of the seals and reducing downtime, repairs and servicing.

All the hydraulic parts of the AHL118 are manufactured from stainless steel, which means they are durable, offering extended Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) and increased safety.  The pump hardware is also manufactured from stainless steel, which is anodized to the bottom and top caps for superior corrosion resistance. 

 The AHL118 air driven liquid pump.