Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces quiet, dry pumps

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Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps from the HiScroll range.
Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps from the HiScroll range.

The new HiScroll models from Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new range of scroll pumps are oil-free, hermetically sealed vacuum pumps with high nominal pumping speeds of 6 to 20 m³/h, with a compact design and quiet, low-vibration operation (<47 dB[A], and <42 dB[A] in stand-by mode). The pumps have high levels of water vapour tolerance due to their two stage gas ballast, eliminating condensation. They are designed for use in applications such as analytics, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals and research and development.

The HiScroll’s active temperature control ensures optimal cooling and guarantees the lowest noise level. The company says that the pumps have the lowest noise emissions in their class and that the dry pumps can also be easily connected to other Pfeiffer Vacuum products, such as turbopumps, or operated by higher-level controls via the RS-485 or ProfiNet interface.

An intelligent interface makes it possible to define specific pressure ranges or a rotation speed setting mode, so that the pump can be optimally adapted to suit the application, minimising wear in the pump.