Piab introduces the piINLINE

piINLINE from Piab, comes in three sizes: Midi, Mini and Micro. Each size is available with a choice of three options to enable optimized performance and capacity for the specific application:

- Xi – Best vacuum flow and efficiency at deep vacuum levels, final vacuum level at approximately 95%. Works best with smooth materials such as glass and plastic and is especially useful in the metal and plastics industries where components are difficult to pick up. Items can be gripped with small suction cups moving over the surface, thus avoiding more expensive lifting techniques.- Si – Large flows at low and medium vacuum levels. Recommended for applications where leakage is a significant factor, such as in the packaging industry, and where ejectors are required with large flows to enable reliable gripping, lifting and moving.- Pi (or Bi in smallest models) – Low feed pressure of 0.18 - 0.3 MPa and suitable for factories in industries with relatively low or fluctuating air pressure. There may be other pneumatic components in the machines that are sensitive to high pressure.

Under normal use, the medium model in the piINLINE range, the Mini, will pay for itself after just three months, thanks to its low energy costs, while the payback time for other models should be less than six months. The smallest model, the Micro, uses on average 50% less energy than comparable products, which means significantly less energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Sound levels are also lower, which creates a better working environment.