Process metering pump Zentriplex from ProMinent

The global pump manufacturer is breaking new ground by deviating from the conventional construction of its pumps and designing the drive in a completely new way. The diaphragm dosing heads and hydraulic ends are arranged in a star shape around a drive mechanism, thereby minimising stresses and loads. The pump is capable of achieving higher pressures and capacities with significantly less material and lower drive outputs.

Multi-layer safety diaphragms ensure safe, leakage-free metering and the Zentriplex also has many versatile uses due to its modular construction - gear motor, hydraulics/drive mechanics and liquid end. The liquid end and drive mechanism unit are assembled on top of each other to save space, ensuring that the Zentriplex can be used in confined applications or as a direct replacement for existing pumps.

A further key benefit over traditional designs only becomes apparent when it comes to replacing the diaphragms, with the new process pump scoring thanks to its excellent availability due to ultra-short down times. The diaphragms can be replaced very quickly and easily without the need to dismantle the suction and discharge lines and all other components, like bleed valve, filling valve and pressure control valve, are also very easy to access.


The Zentriplex is used as a process metering pump in the petrochemical industry, in refineries or as a special metering pump in the process industry. In the oil and gas industry it is ideal for metering a range of chemicals at the drilling hole, as well as on platforms for the metering of inhibitors, methanol or additives and in refineries it is used to meter inhibitors, drag reducers, additives, catalysts and dyes.

The drive mechanism requires considerably less oil due to the construction of the pump and its resistance to aggressive, corrosive and flammable media guarantees outstanding process safety.