Process pumps for flue gas desulphurisation

KSB's KWPKC-Monobloc new pump series. (Photo courtest KSB)
KSB's KWPKC-Monobloc new pump series. (Photo courtest KSB)

The pumps are suitable for transporting limestone slurry and circulating water, removing gypsum and thickening solutions.

The impellers are made of KSB's highly wear-resistant NORIDUR DAS, and the wetted components such as casing and discharge cover are lined with highly wear-resistant CeramikPolySiC. This high-strength composite material of ceramic and polymer has been specially developed for pumps in flue gas desulphurisation.

The KWPKC-Monobloc series covers flow rates up to 3 000 m3 and discharge heads up to 120 m. They incorporate a back pull-out design has been chosen for the radially split casing to make maintenance quick and easy. An adjustable clearance gap is provided on the suction side to keep the pump's efficiency high.

KSB plans to launch the KWPKC-Monobloc pump series at Achema, which takes place in Frankfurt , Germany between 11-15 May.