'Pump Genius' Software launched

WEG, the global business involved automation and control technologies, has launched Pump Genius process control software which,, it claims, enables engineers to optimise their pumping systems, so they run more efficiently.  The software is designed to reduce pumping system operation and maintenance costs while increasing process accuracy and protection. The software works with WEG’s popular CFW11 drive to control system processes easily, providing multiple pump control and protection, as well as system monitoring. Pump Genius can be applied to any system that requires constant flow or pressure and can manage and monitor up to six pumps in a coordinated system. Using the software with pumps in parallel increases the flexibility of the pumping system in operation and implementation, while also increasing the lifespan of the system.  It provides necessary flow according to the pumping system demand, while allowing fault diagnosis and facilitating the maintenance of uninterrupted operation, thus enabling engineers to maximise system efficiency. The software references low and high set point and run time requirements and the lead and lag pumps are cycled on and off based on motor run times.  In contrast to alternative software solutions, WEG’s Pump Genius software monitors the operating hours of all the pumps in the system, adding and subtracting pumps as demand changes, all without the need for setting a cycle timer. This ensures equal pump run times without supervision. Another key feature is the ability to have a floating master and slave rather than fixed master and slave pumps found in traditional systems. Pump Genius automatically senses if the master is not responding because of sensor loss or other fault conditions and assigns another pump as the master, maintaining operational continuity at all times during the process.  The transition between master drives is seamless without disruption to the process, so engineers can be confident that their system is operating reliably and efficiently. The CFW-11 variable speed drive with Pump Genius software also monitors and alarms system, motor and drive faults which will alert the operator to a potential problem. The drives are available in various sizes, from 1.1 to 370 kW and include proven user friendly graphic key pad HMI with large character graphics and read out. In addition, all CFW-11’s have intelligent thermal management features that provide automatic cooling to the internal components of the drive, ensuring they provide reliable operation. “Our new pump control software is making a real difference to the efficiency of pumping systems, whether the system is composed of single pumps, or parallel pumps,” says Daniel Griffiths, product manager for Automation and Low Voltage Motors at WEG. “Our customers are now able to control pumping systems simply which enables them to reduce maintenance and associated costs, eliminate costly control panels, reduce installation costs and system energy requirements while increasing productivities.” Engineers can now optimise their pumping systems thanks to WEG’s new Pump Genius software with CFW-11 drive, which WEG will be demonstrating at the Pump Centre Conference on 30 April 2014, at the International Centre, Telford, UK

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