Pumps suitable for solar-cell manufacturing

All housing and pump components in the E-Series of pumps are made of polyethylene (PE) and polytetraflurorethylene (PTFE), that are able to withstand the demands of the harsh applications found in the manufacture of solar cells, the company says. PE has a high abrasion-resistance, as much as seven times higher than polypropylene (PP) and 1.6 times higher than steel.  In addition, the pumps have high chemical resistance, making them suitable for transfer of solar-cell manufacturing process’s chemical supply, including acids and caustics, so that the pump’s internal parts will not become corroded by abrasive media or dry particles.E-Series pumps are created from a solid plastic block that is mechanically machined. This heavier construction allows the E-Series pumps to operate without “wandering,” which can occur to lighter models during oscillating-pump use and lead to product leakage.The series consists of three solid housing parts: a centre housing and two side housings that are held together with bolts that are tightened against a diaphragm-sized ring on each side.