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The September/October 2023 issue of World Pumps magazine is online, with feature articles on flooding, aquaculture, pulp & paper and chemicals.


Storm surges, dam breaches and dike collapses: they may be rare, but they still happen. People and pumps therefore have to be standing by to swoop in and clear out excess water to prevent floods and mitigate damage. In our cover story - Heroic super pumps - we meet some of these real-life superheroes and find out more about the pumps they use.

The land-based aquaculture sector is booming due to its sustainable approach to fish farming. Helping it achieve its eco-friendly badge is a range of highly efficient pumps which reduce energy consumption, achieve excellent water quality and offer smart maintenance solutions. Find out more about these pumps in Lay of the land.

Advances in large heat pump technology have the potential to drastically cut emissions from the drying process in the pulp and paper sector. In Turn up the heat, we look at the role large heat pumps could play in paper mills.

The chemical industry can often provide one of the harshest operating environments for pumps, increasing the likelihood of costly and potentially dangerous failure. Our Maintaining the right chemistry feature article examines how effective monitoring highlights issues in advance, boosting plant performance and safety.

In this issue, we also meet North America’s Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association (SSPMA).


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