Reich designs highly flexible couplings for fire pumps

For Fire Pump Applications driven by a combustion engine, a Reich highly flexible VSK coupling is an integral component for connecting the combustion engine to the right-angle gear drive of the fire pump system.

By using the Reich AC-VSK highly flexible coupling, the drive train can be protected from dynamic overload, reduce resonance-induced vibratory torques and provide a convenient connection between the combustion engine and drive shaft.

The selection of the Reich AC-VSK coupling is initially sized based on the power ratings of the combustion engine. Reich offers nine sizes of AC-VSK couplings to cover the complete power range of the Fire Pump Industry. Once the coupling size has been determined, then we suggest that a torsional vibration analysis be performed to validate the coupling selection. Reich-KUPPLUNGEN performs this function as a service to its customers upon availability of the relevant power transmission data.