Rig to run test cycle for Oliver Twinsafe

The fully automated rig will run the entire test cycle, for Oliver Twinsafe. The rig utilises a vacuum fill system which sucks water into the valve body rather than pumping water into the cavities ensuring that every space is filled. The rig accommodates valves with bore sizes ranging from 2” to 14” including 8” 2500lb, 12” 1500lb and 14” 600lb pressure classes.

Craig Furnival, Oliver Twinsafe’s engineering director said: “Ventil have been fantastic. From their first site visit to the correspondence we’ve had during the development of the rig they’ve been extremely helpful.

“These rigs are popular for testing single isolate valves but DBB valves have more seats so the software that runs the test is unique to Twinsafe. The size of our valves was also a consideration as our clamping load requirements are higher than that offered by Ventil’s standard range.”