Rovatti announces expansion of electric borehole range

The exhibition took place from - 9-13 November and Rovatti Pompe introduced new mixed-flow lines 8E-85 and 10E-240 (8 and 10 inch pumps respectively), the 14E-650 and 16E-1000 (14 and 16 inch pumps and the new radial line 10ER-70. The new range uses stainless steel investment casting impellers which are dynamically and hydraulically balanced. This ensures reliability because of the very thick structure which avoids welding joints together and so gives a smooth surface, which improves hydraulic efficiency.

In addition to this, all pumps in the 8E-85 and 10E-240 range are cataphoresis-treated in order to considerably increase resistance to wear and corrosion. Rovatti cataphoresis treatment is characterized by a high adhesion to surfaces and uniformity of the coating also in the inner cavities of the component.

Italy’s Rovatti Pompe has added to its electric borehole range.