Saudi electricity use spotlighted at Water and Power Forum

This is particular true over the summer, where it increases by 70% due to air-conditioner use.

"There are pressing needs to increase the number of future projects in the electricity sector," he said, adding that there must be developments in the supply and demand of electricity in the Kingdom. Air-conditioning products available in the market and imported from abroad need reviewing, he suggested.

According to Al-Awaji, the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity is working on developing electricity networks linking different countries in the region. The ministry also looks forward to export electricity at international prices to European countries. The importation of electricity is set to be made in the summer while the exportation is to be made in the winter, when less electricity is being used in the Kingdom.

"We have discussed the potential opportunities in linking electricity among countries and developing projects related to electricity," said Al- Awaji.

Saudi minister of water and power, Abdullah Al-Hussayen, said that the kingdom is spending SR100 billion in developing the infrastructure. He also added that they have built 473 dams in different regions in the kingdom. In his speech, he called on the private sector to invest in projects related to the reuse of water in agriculture, industry and commercial projects.

The Saudi Water and Power Forum took place from 4-6 December 2011 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.