SERO pump for industrial refrigeration

SERO says that the pump has been designed to meet the “zero emission” challenge in industrial refrigeration technology. It is a side channel pump with a canned motor and is leak and  maintenance-free.

The Semis has extremely low NPSH requirements (NPSHr) which allow for improved exploitation of the specific enthalpy (heat contents) provided with the corresponding refrigerant. It can handle gas entrainments up to 50% vol which means increased operational safety even with alternating process conditions.

The high head pump offers high differential pressures (up to 23 bar at density 1 g/cm³) at low flows, making it suitable for all currently used organic refrigerants (hydrocarbons R-11, R-22, R-134a or R-410A) as well as for inorganic refrigerants (Ammonia or CO2) and also for lithium bromide solutions or silicone oils.

It has flows of 0,3-5 m³/h, a maximum head of 230 mlc, nominal pressure: 25 (40) bar and can handle temperature of -50°C up to +100°C.