Seybert & Rahier multilayer diaphragm pumps for aggressive media

sera's new pump range, featuring multilayer diaphragms.
sera's new pump range, featuring multilayer diaphragms.

These include two types of diaphragm pumps for the local, manual control (R-series) as well as two types of diaphragm pumps with integrated control electronics (C-series).

The diaphragm pumps have capacities of between 7.5 l/h and 900 l/h at an operating pressure of up to 80 bar. For operating pressures in the area of 20 bar, the multilayer diaphragm pumps have capacities of 10 l/h to 1,200 l/h.

The two diaphragm pump types from Seybert & Rahier have multi-layer diaphragms made of polytetrafluoroethene (PTFE) with an integrated diaphragm rupture indication. They can pump and dose nearly all liquids of low and medium viscosity as well as conductive and non-conductive liquids, since the multilayer diaphragm ensures the separation of the drive from the parts in contact with the fluid and are designed to prevent any contact between the pump hydraulic and the medium even in the event of a breakdown, thus preventing both corrosion within the pump and contamination of the fluid or the environment.

The diaphragm pumps are suitable for high precision dosing of aggressive or toxic chemicals, with the piston diaphragm pumps in particular suitable for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and the food and drink industries for the dosing of additives as well as the disinfection of drinking and process water in systems with pressures greater than 10 bar. In power plant engineering, the piston diaphragm pumps are used in the dosing process during the boiler feed water treatment.

The mechanical equipment of the piston diaphragm pumps from Seybert & Rahier has an adjustable, integrated hydraulic overflow valve which protects the pump from excess pressure.