Siemens extends torque motor range

The new frame sizes BG50 und BG60 can be used in confined spaces without any problem. They are available with natural ventilation or water cooling. With the Sinamics S120 drive system, the built-in torque motors can be used as direct drives for rotary axes that require high torque. They are reportedly compact and stable, resulting from their direct installation, and can replace common motor/gear combinations. Common fields of application are rolling drives, rotary tables and tool turrets in machine tools. The low-speed-wound permanent-magnet three-phase synchronous motors achieve a high dynamic response and high accuracy of positioning. The rated torque range now starts at 22 Nm and reaches, as previously, up to 5760 Nm. Like the current range, the two new frame sizes BG50 and BG60 can be completely integrated into the machine. Siemens motors have a smaller diameter than comparable cooling jacket versions and feature simple mechanical interfaces and a standard cooling water connection due to a closed cooling water circuit.