Sundyne recognised for worker safety

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The VPP Star award recognises employers and workers in private industry who have implemented effective safety and health management systems and maintain injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective industries.

“At Sundyne one of our core values is to provide a 100% safe work environment. It is no coincidence that we began our quest for the VPP Star certification more then a year ago, and our employees just passed one year without a recordable incident,” said Jeff Wiemelt, vice president and general manager of Sundyne. “Our safety record is a testament of the Sundyne employee commitment to producing reliable pumps and compressors that keep customers safe in challenging oil, gas and chemical processing industries,” added Wiemelt.

The qualification process for VPP Star status included an audit of the Sundyne facility in safety, health, training and operational programs; in depth employee interviews about their understanding of the safety programs; and detail on how Sundyne conducts business. “Employees who use the manufacturing processes every day identify potential safety improvements and help design solutions. Our legacy was production first. Now, the culture of safety and productivity go hand in hand,” said Scott Allen, director of operations at Sundyne.