Sundyne to supply vertical sealless magnetic-drive pumps to new chemical plant

This award is the first for the recently launched LMV-801S, which combines API 685 sealless magnetic-drive technology with Sundyne API 610 OH3 and OH5 vertical direct drive pump hydraulics and wet end technology. The engineering contractor handling the plant construction specified the LMV-801S due to its ability to deliver required flow – up to 380 GPM (86 m3 / hr) – at high differential head – to 720 ft (220 m) – while maintaining low NPSHA. The contractor’s preference for environmentally safe, efficient and reliable sealless magnetic drive pumps differentiated the LMV-801S from standard vertical pump designs. Once installed in the new chemical plant, Sundyne says the LMV-801S pumps will provide highly reliable leak-free performance, improve overall plant safety, improve productivity, and lower life-cycle operating costs.