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Sundyne introduces cUL, ATEX and IECEx approved VapourView Pump Protection System

VapourView is an innovative tool that monitors the gas inside the process fluid as it passes through a Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pump. When the probe detects the presence of even the most minute gas levels – as low as 1% per volume – a warning signal is sent to the process operator. Sundyne says this instant feedback helps prevent harm to the pump from occurring by providing early warning of incorrect priming, venting, cavitation or entrained process gas, which can result in pump damage or even failure. Power and vibration monitors only alert the operator to the symptoms of gas in the process liquid; and in many instances, the pump may already be damaged when these monitors are triggered. By measuring the process fluid condition in real-time with an ultrasonic probe, the VapourView provides feedback instantaneously, which Sundyne says ensures the pump is working reliably and without risk of damage. Sundyne’s field installation experience shows that a Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pump fitted with the VapourView system is 50% more reliable compared to other pumps utilized in the same processes. Key features of the VapourView include a non-invasive detection sensor, flameproof electronics, on-board data recording, and a local visual display, as well as a wide temperature operating range of -40 - 356ºF (-40 - 180ºC). The VapourView's 4 - 20 mA output signal is compatible with standard digital control systems and complies with cUL, ATEX and IECEx standards.

The VapourView Pump Protection System can be retrofitted to existing Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps already in operation. The Sundyne Sealless LMV-801S is pictured here. The background features Digital Control System data recorded by a VapourView user (Sealless pump on Pre-treater Stripper Reflux - Hydrocarbons) Potential gas event noted at POINT 1. This event passed,then generally a high mA signal in relation to the product temperature occurs at RANGE 2. (PRNewsFoto/Sundyne)