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Sykes Pumps medium head pump

A part of its range of silenced pumps, pump hire specialist Sykes Pumps has launched its new MH150/100 Super Wispaset.

This medium head pump is aimed at mines and quarries, the marine industry, power generation, petro-chemicals, refineries and construction.

Applications include pressure testing, batching plant washing, emergency or temporary fire mains and any situation where high vertical and/or long discharge runs are required.

Sykes Pumps claims that its MH150/100 Super Wispaset raises the bar in terms of low-noise pumping without compromising on power, reliability and flexibility. Employing a 129 kW Iveco engine, the unit is capable of heads up to 105 m, with a maximum flow rate of 320 m3/hr (or 89 l/s) and noise levels down to an average of 70 dBA at 7 m.

The pump is set to run at 1800 rpm which means that fuel costs can be lower and engine noise reduced. When operating at Best Efficiency Point, the fuel consumption is an economical 21 l/hr.

Despite being aimed at applications where there is a low concentration of solids, the unit has a credible solids handling capacity of 20 mm spherical.

Other features of the MH150/100 Super Wispaset include:

  • automatic control panel & optional telemetry facilities – providing remote monitoring and management, which can highlight issues often before the user is aware;
  • a broad curve producing high flows at most heads;
  • robust chassis for use in demanding environments and rugged terrains;
  • super silenced canopy with access to all areas for ease of maintenance.