System Mix’s 'Mini Drop' retrofit mixing system

System Mix Ltd, a division of P&M Pumps, the UK distributor of Vaughan Chopper Pumps and Rotamix Tank Mixing Systems, has developed a retrofit in-tank mixing systems for sludge and sewage applications.

The ‘Mini Drop’ retrofit mixing system can be installed into a tank without having to empty and clean it and also use existing guide rails and lifting equipment, previously used for unsuitable submersible mixers which failed due to rag accumulation on their rotating parts.

This type of system aims to provide effective mixing for tanks where a suitable suction connection is available for re-circulation through the guide rail mounted vertical nozzle manifold header.

It is not uncommon for users of submersible mixers where fibrous material causes frequent and expensive breakdowns to have to tolerate the situation because of the cost-implications associated with emptying and cleaning sludge tanks.

The associated Vaughan Chopper Pump required for the system can also be supplied on a hire basis if required.