WEFTEC 2023: must-see exhibitors in Chicago

WEFTEC 2023, the 96th annual technical exhibition and conference, will bring together key players from the pump sector, connecting manufacturers, users, innovators and researchers on 2–4 October.

WEFTEC is back in Chicago this year
WEFTEC is back in Chicago this year - Image © SeanPavonePhoto - Adobe Stock.

The event is a chance to check out the very latest technologies, services and products, to network face-to-face with water professionals and to catch up with industry trends and developments.

Here is our pick of what not to miss in Chicago!



Booth 5161, South Building


Graco will be showcasing its SoloTech peristaltic pumps and new Quantm electric double diaphragm pumps at WEFTEC 2023. These pump technologies offer reliable solutions for chemical metering and dosing applications as well as chemical transfer in water treatment applications.

SoloTech electric powered hose pumps feature a unique design delivering precise, consistent doses of chemicals. The single-roller delivers only one hose compression per revolution for a long hose life, offering a durable and low maintenance solution to minimize downtime. The pumps are self-priming and can be used with a variety of fluids, including pH neutralizers, polymers and acids for all wastewater needs.

Graco’s new Quantm electric diaphragm pump eliminates the need for compressed air. And with no gearbox it offers a quieter, more cost-effective and energy-efficient option in the same compact size as pneumatic pumps. It is designed to be easy to operate and maintain, with built-in controls for flow and pressure at the pump, as well as shared fluid contact components with Graco pneumatic pumps.

Both SoloTech and Quantm pumps are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.



Booth 217, South Building, Stormwater Pavilion


Hidrostal Group subsidiaries, Hidrostal North America and Bedford Pumps will be showcasing their range of pumps for municipal wastewater, storm and flood control applications at WEFTEC 2023 in Chicago.

Specialists in handling both difficult fluids and applications, Hidrostal’s range of pumps and pumping systems are premium, true non-clog pumps that combine durability with sustainability.

Hidrostal’s innovative screw centrifugal impeller, at the heart of every Hidrostal pump, delivers high efficiency, low maintenance and low total cost of ownership. Their superior quality and service has made them a trusted partner for businesses across North America and Canada.

Bedford Pumps, a specialist in large bespoke pumping plant including its range of industry leading fish friendly pumps, provides first class product build quality with best-in-class hydraulic efficiency. The pumps are adaptable, reliable and provide optimum performance in demanding situations.

See Hidrostal and Bedford in the South Building, Booth 217, Stormwater Pavilion.


Proco Products

Booth 1552, South Building


Proco Products Inc is excited to be exhibiting again at this year’s WEFTEC Conference and Exhibition, and is looking forward to connecting with water and wastewater professionals.

One of the products that Proco will be showcasing is its Style 711/731 flanged/slip-on slope bottom check valve.

The Proco Style 711/731 ProFlex check valve is engineered for installation on preexisting pipelines such as manholes, outfalls and vaults, where the outfall invert of the pipe is close to the floor of the manhole or outfall. When a new installation is being designed, the 711/731 valves can be engineered into the pipe layout with little concern for outfall clearance due to its “low slope” design.

So how does the valve work? The advantage to the Style 711/731 check valve is the sloping bottom which has been developed to offset the issues commonly affiliated with other flat bottom valves which often entrap solids and flows due to its design.

The 711/731 has been carefully designed to prevent this issue and has a minimal slope which allows complete drainage yet still ensures easy installs on minimal clearance areas. The Style 711/731 has been engineered to provide a full port which is important in dealing with headloss and jet velocities. The valve is manufactured with 100% algae and barnacle resistant rubber and is also 100% fire resistant.

For more information on this check valve, stop by booth 1552 at WEFTEC in Chicago. Proco Products can’t wait to meet you!


Tsurumi Pump

Booth 8100, North Building


Tsurumi Pump is proud to be a part of the elite exhibitors at the 2023 WEFTEC Exhibition running between 2–4 October 2023, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. At this year’s show, Tsurumi Pump features the MY line from the Avant family of wastewater products. Stop by booth 8100 and ask for Chris Bristol to find out more about the Avant line of products.

A world-renowned submersible pump manufacturer, Tsurumi Pump supplies equipment for a variety of applications including wastewater treatment, mining, construction, water features, sewage bypass and more. Tsurumi Pump now offers the Avant line of FM approved submersible pumps. Avant is ready for municipal sewage and wastewater with both wet and dry pit options and multiple impeller choices to fit a variety of applications. The company’s wastewater process equipment features FM approved mixers, dehydrators, aerators and bar screens.


Vaughan Company

Booth 1412, South Building

Booth 6831, North Building


Vaughan Company will be displaying a selection of equipment at WEFTEC, which will not be inclusive of all its manufactured products. The company’s South Hall booth will display Vaughan’s vertical wet-well recirculator, submersible conditioning pump, pedestal pump, Rotamix double nozzle, operational small scale Rotamix tank, and the Vaughan Chopper Pump demonstration tank. In the North Hall, you will find Vaughan Maintenance Event equipment for the WEF Ops Challenge. Here teams will have the opportunity to ask questions and get their hands on the equipment before the competition.

Established in 1960, Vaughan Company is an industry leader in reliable chopper pumps and mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. With more than 63 years of experience, Vaughan Company remains committed to giving customers outstanding service and the most dependable product solutions in the world. All Vaughan products are proudly made in the USA at the company’s factory in Montesano, Washington State.


Hayward Gordon

Booth 1635, South Building


Hayward Gordon Group, proud manufacturer of Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers equipment for water management, will be highlighting its ChopX Chopper pump and HydroMix hydraulic mixing system at WEFTEC this year.

Drop by Hayward Gordon‘s booth #1635, next to its sister company Ebara, to check out the Chopx Chopper solids handling pump and see the mixer in action.

The HydroMix system utilizes a Hayward Gordon solids handling or chemical processing pump to recirculate and discharge the contents of a tank through strategically installed nozzles within the same tank. HydroMix systems develop a mixing regime in the fluid volume consisting of circular and top-to-bottom fluid motion. The mixing regime promotes the uniform blending of the contents and solids suspension. These systems develop fluid velocities of greater than 90% of the tank, obtain complete mixing in less than 120 minutes, and reduce maintenance with no moving parts located inside the tank. All HydroMix projects are validated using computational fluid dynamics. Common mixing applications include anaerobic digesters, sludge storage tanks, equalization tanks and basins, crude oil storage tanks, and chemical blending tanks.

Hayward Gordon Group, part of Ebara Corporation, supplies a complete line of pumps and mixers, from large, low-speed, high-flow units to high-speed, high-shear mixers covering a broad array of industries and applications.



Booth 663, South Building


Visit ITT Goulds Pumps and Engineered Valves at booth 663 for leading solutions in the water/wastewater industry. Talk to ITT’s pump and valve industry experts about how the company can provide solutions for the municipal market. ITT’s monitoring and control experts will also be on hand to talk about the i-ALERT and PumpSmart predictive maintenance solutions that will increase efficiencies, and reduce downtime and cost of ownership of equipment.

Engineered Valves: ITT’s Dia-Flo industrial diaphragm valves are used to solve problems associated with corrosive, erosive and abrasive media and can be found in many applications in water and wastewater treatment, including chemical treatment, filtration and sludge handling. The Cam-Tite ball valve is the ideal choice for chlorine service for water conditioning and odor control.

Goulds Pumps: The 3410 has a wide range of offerings from high lift, low lift, wash water, wastewater, and raw water. The 3196 i-Frame and 3298 are ideal chemical pumps due to their corrosion resistant and sealless construction. The innovative and patented O-Head technology separates the flange loads from the rest of the pump, ensuring proper bearing and motor alignment for the pump is maintained.



Booth 3625, South Building


The 96th WEFTEC Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference will see Sulzer showcasing the latest innovations in pumping, mixing and aeration technology. Available at booth 3625 in the South Building of McCormick Place, Chicago, Sulzer’s water experts will be highlighting developments in energy efficiency and sustainability for water and wastewater applications.

Sulzer offers a comprehensive range of products and a global support network to ensure water treatment plants around the world have access to leading technologies for optimum reliability and efficiency. Experts from Johnston Pumps and Nordic Water will join those from Sulzer to showcase the features and benefits of the specialized pumping and filtration technologies in the Sulzer portfolio.

Across the water industry, aeration processes are the single largest energy consumer and Sulzer’s HST turboblower offers the best solution with exceptional efficiency as well as long-term reliability.

Exhibition visitors are invited to learn about the magnetic bearing technology and how each HST installation can be tailored to optimize customer applications.

Also on show is Sulzer’s XFP submersible pump range with a Premium Efficiency IE3 motor as standard, as well as Contrablock Plus impellers that maximize reliability in wastewater applications. The wide performance range and robust design make the XFP ideal for pumping applications throughout the wastewater process.

Nordic Water experts will be on hand to highlight the advantages of the Meva screening equipment and the Supercloth disc filter. With decades of experience in water treatment processes and a comprehensive range of solutions, Nordic Water is your ideal partner for water treatment.