Ten Verderflex VF10 peristaltic hose pumps chosen for new wastewater treatment plant

Hypo is used in wastewater treatment to kill off bacteria before being discharged back into the environment and as a primary method of drinking water disinfection. The Verderflex VF10 is able to cope with the challenging product, which, when pumped tends to off-gas, causing some pump types like diaphragm pumps to vapour lock. 

Each Verderflex VF10 peristaltic hose pump is capable of flow rates up to 48 US GPH and at pressures up to 175 PSI. Verderflex pumps can pump both gas and liquid, ensuring the liquid stream receives a consistent dose. The fluid being dosed is kept totally enclosed within the rubber hose of the Verderflex VF10 which is then compressed by a rotating shoe, forcing the liquid inside along in peristalsis.  

Tom Eisemon, national sales manager, GPM Pumps (master distributor for Verderflex in US) said: “We were really pleased with the installation at the City of Eagan Wastewater Treatment Plant. There were many other pumps considered for this application, but in the end the ease of maintenance, the proven reliability, and the exceptional hose life of Verderflex’s superior design won out. As a result of this installation, a similar project located nearby chose Verderflex for these same reasons and a third customer in the state just recently purchased a new Dura after hearing all of the positive feedback and new features of this design. These pumps have certainly been a success for us in this industry.”