Torishima Pump renovates in-house foundry

Torishima Pump Mfg Co Ltd has completed the refurbishment of its foundry in Takatsuki City, Osaka, Japan.

Torishima's refurbished foundry.
Torishima's refurbished foundry.

The in-house foundry is the backbone of Torishima’s integrated production system, from casting and processing to assembly, testing, and painting. To drive growth and build on this core strength, Torishima undertook a significant overhaul of the foundry, the first in nearly half a century.

The foundry is the backbone of Torishima’s integrated production system. -

The revamped foundry now features upgraded seismic resilience, and dust collection capabilities, along with automation to streamline hazardous tasks, such as working areas close to molten iron. Torishima has also introduced new equipment, including a 10-ton capacity high-frequency electric furnace and sand treatment facilities, to drive energy efficiency and increase manufacturing capacity. As a result, the company anticipates an annual reduction of approximately 190 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Following the refurbishment, Torishima anticipates a 1.5-fold increase in the foundry’s production capacity. The company plans to focus on strengthening its manufacturing of large and specialized pump components, shortening delivery times through in-house production, and driving cost efficiency.

The foundry completion ceremony. -