Tsurumi marks 40 years in Europe

The Japanese pump company Tsurumi is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Europe.

Tsurumi employees in front of the European headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany
Tsurumi employees in front of the European headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany - Photo: Tsurumi

The pump manufacturer came to Europe exactly four decades ago. Starting small in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1983, Tsurumi's European distribution network now extends from Norway’s North Cape to Cyprus.

Managing director Daniel Weippert attributes the success to two factors: robust pumps and excellent service.

The company exclusively builds dewatering and sewage pumps which are used for building construction and civil engineering, mining and tunnelling as well as for landscaping, municipal services and fire brigades.

Almost all Tsurumi pumps have a modular design with many identical parts. They can be serviced by the customer using standard tools. Technical refinements include forced lubrication of the shaft developed by Tsurumi, the double internal mechanical seal and ultra-hard materials such as silicon carbide (only diamond is harder).

Tsurumi says it is probably the only major player in the industry that does not manufacture to order, but delivers from stock. Most of the 700 or so EU pump models can be on their way to the customer within 24 hours. These include powerhouses weighing several tonnes with outputs of up to 30 m3/min or 216 m delivery head.

"Anyone who deals with water can rely on Tsurumi," says Weippert.

Recently, the company serviced a pump for the first time that had run for a total of 20,000 hours without any maintenance.

Tsurumi's plant in Japan: the LH series submersible pumps - Photo: Tsurumi