TXH3 is ideal for high-speed petroleum applications

The TXH3 petroleum pump from Blackmer is equipped with a dual-ended shaft and 3 in. (76.2 mm) horizontal ports. Originally introduced in Europe, the TXH3 is now available in the North American petroleum transport market.

The TXH3 pump has 3 in. (76.2 mm) parallel ports. However, the pump internals use the same parts as the Blackmer model TXD2.5A pump. The pump’s characteristics include: a flow rate of up to 240 GPM (908 LPM); maximum rated speed of 1,200 RPM; and differential pressure to 125 PSI (8.6 bar).

The standard pump is built with FKM O-rings and elastomers, which allow the pump to be used with all petroleum products, most solvents and all biofuels, including ethanol blends such as E-85 and biodiesel blends. The FKM compound used by Blackmer is approved for, and compatible with, all these fluids. The pump also uses SAE capscrews and bolts. For applications that require easier hose and nozzle handling, an optional Piston Air Valve is offered with standard FKM elastomers.

The TXH3 pump expands Blackmer’s line of high-speed pumps for truck applications that require faster PTO speeds. Blackmer adds that installation is made easy due to a number of features. These include parallel ports for easy piping installation to one side of the pump and truck, as well as mounting feet located on the top and bottom of the pump. There is also a dual-ended shaft to match PTO rotation easily, and the pump internals (rotor and shaft, vanes, seals, bearings, and heads) are the same parts as the Blackmer model TXD2.5 pump.