Verderair VA 80 diaphragm pumps

The VA80 double diaphragm pump is a new series within the Verderair family of diaphragm pumps. Equipped with the quick-acting air valve design and available in three material options: SS316, Aluminium and Polypropylene. Verderair offers nine materials for ball valves, seats and diaphragms.

The complete air valve consists of only 13 parts, including the housing. The air valve is fully externally serviceable, requires no lubrication, nor oilers, and can be serviced in five minutes. The VA80 air valve also has the ability to be repaired offline.

The rigid 4-bolted construction ensures equal sealing pressure for the total sealing surface and, according to the manufacturer Verder International, offers absolute leak-proof pumping. The Polypropylene Verderair VA model is provided with an over-molded fluid section frame to have a better relaxation on the joints and to enhance the strength of the fluid section.